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Under your nose!


This past summer I felt my Southern roots calling to me and decided to plant a small boutique garden. There is something about seeing the fruit of your labor( and the money you have spent at the garden shop) blossom!

The plan was to eventually see plants growing that were colorful and spicy and attractive to the eyes as well as possibly something to eat. I ended up with several small boxes which contained peppers and tomatoes and watermelons after a quick trip to the local nursery. The produce from my boutique garden was rather sparse. I did see two healthy pygmy watermelons around August. One grew quite plump and later was found to be rotted from laying on the ground. The other one was a victim of the many squirrels that frequented the fence line. I picked a pepper or two, and called my efforts a success. A few days ago, I went out to check the garden, not looking for anything specific, and noticed that peppers were still blooming. I was surprised and elated. I love all things spicy and hot (cue my hubby).

Anyhoo, I took a picture and then right at the top of the photo, I saw what I had not seen, another plump melon growing right under my nose.

Boomer wisdom was reminded that life is like that. Sometimes, just when we are frustrated about the way things are going, we look up and see something created from the fruits of long ago work/efforts/relationships . We are perfectly willing to accept a minuscule return, ( a few red peppers) only to be blessed with the possibility of an even greater dividend (a purposeful career, a loving lover, a life of contentment).

Boomer babe encourages you to not be so quick to settle for the first flashy thing that catches your eye, but, to know that when you have worked hard and invested yourself, look a little harder and deeper and see what wonderful possibility is hidden just under those snarky disappointments, there, right under your nose.

Blessings to you all!


Happy boomer gal ( read smart, feisty, quirky, adventuresome, funny, sassy woman of a certain generation) willing to share my journey and advice with anyone who would not repeat my mistakes. Happy to fully disclose the joys and pitfalls of love at any age, the desire to age well, and the joys inherent in every day. Utilizing poetry, photography, and whatever creative entity that would bring a smile to a hurting heart. Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, humanitarian, exhorter, educator, activist, student, Christ-follower, adventure seeker, pharmacist. Hoping to give all and use all I am for the good of others. Come along. The journey may be difficult, but, it will always be an interesting adventure!

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