Living the life!


About twenty years ago I was chosen by Rotary International  to fly overseas to visit one of their clubs. It was a great honor to be selected from among the many candidates that applied. However, when the time came to leave, I couldn’t bring myself to go.  Why? Scared of flying.

Boomer girl knows that just like me, some of you are sitting on opportunities that you have not taken advantage of for any number of reasons. Perhaps, you want to return to school and get a degree or finish one or learn a new skill. But, you think you’re too old, people will talk or you may fail at the trying.

I remember when I decided to attend pharmacy school after my divorce. I had three young children under the age of eleven. The job I had was not paying enough for me to be self suffient and my ex-husband was not paying child support. There were those who questioned my sanity as to why I would return to school since I already had a degree.  But, four years later and a six figure salary, I was able to take care of my kids without child support and help my parents financially.

Boomer girl knows that in trying to please the whims of others, you will never be happy or able to live your best life. She encourages you to shake loose the shackles of fear, doubt and other people’s opinions so you can become who you want to be, getting there on the road you want to travel.

My son is in Bangkok, Thailand this week. That’s him in the picture below. Like his mom, he is not particularly happy to fly. But, as he told me, he was going regardless of the fear, and now this is his second trip. Be like Greg. Go, do and do again. Even if you go scared, go. Live a life that is full of adventure. Take a chance. Write that book, take that class, visit that new City, country, continent! As Mae West said, you only live once, but, if you live it right, once is all you need!

Blessings to you all! May you live the life that brings you joy and great memories of chances taken and roads traveled.

Happy New Year!

Happy boomer gal ( read smart, feisty, quirky, adventuresome, funny, sassy woman of a certain generation) willing to share my journey and advice with anyone who would not repeat my mistakes. Happy to fully disclose the joys and pitfalls of love at any age, the desire to age well, and the joys inherent in every day. Utilizing poetry, photography, and whatever creative entity that would bring a smile to a hurting heart. Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, humanitarian, exhorter, educator, activist, student, Christ-follower, adventure seeker, pharmacist. Hoping to give all and use all I am for the good of others. Come along. The journey may be difficult, but, it will always be an interesting adventure!

2 comments on “Living the life!

  1. Yes go and do! Life is best lived!


  2. Pamela Y Jackson

    Thank you Mrs. Bailey you have truly encouraged me to take chances and live my best life now! You are an amazing woman:)


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