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Congratulations! You won!

There has been considerable excitement lately about the large and ever burgeoning lottery jackpot.  In fact, I happened to notice the other day that there is a new television show called, “Lottery Dreamhouse”. People who were lucky enough to be escape being struck by lightning, but, instead were fortunate to strike it rich with lottery scratch offs or winning numbers, are showcased every week as they look for their huge dream houses. All the participants talk about how happy they are/were in the homes they resided in prior to their wins, but, look forward to being even “happIER” now they have the means to go big.

None of the people on the show are sick or handicapped or unable to work or enjoy any of life’s pleasures in their present states. But, they seem to be delightfully joyful in anticipating the wonderful turn their lives are about to take. I can’t help but to wistfully watch the show,  wishing it were me in those golden lottery shoes.

The problem is that in avariciously pining for what I don’t need, I am overlooking and underestimating the value of the things that I do possess. It’s like those people who are hoarders. They are not wealthy people. Just folks who without rhyme or reason, buy or pick up worthless treasures that are stocked in their homes to such a degree that they can neither live in (comfortably) or enjoy homes that are now filled with putrid foods and decaying bric-a-brac trash.

Boomer wisdom wants to remind us that life is not enhanced by the excessive square feet of our homes or the cars in the garage dressed with round emblems or noticeable silver alphabets.  Material trappings that are abundantly more than what is needed to shield one from the weather and food in the fridge that is more than you need to satiate hunger is wealth that many people of the world will never experience. When you set your soul’s eye on money, you overlook what is real wealth. That being, the love of those you love, their earthly presence that allows you to touch them, to talk to them. And, as the old people always used to say, a reasonable portion of health and a sound mind, is worth more than any amount of stocks and cash portfolios.

Boomer girl knows that if you have the love of family and friends, enough food to sustain you, a place to lay your head every day (and night), some semblance of health and thought and can wipe your own backside without assistance, congratulations! You have won the lottery! Be sure you remember to value (and seek) the things that really matter.

Blessings to you all!



Happy boomer gal ( read smart, feisty, quirky, adventuresome, funny, sassy woman of a certain generation) willing to share my journey and advice with anyone who would not repeat my mistakes. Happy to fully disclose the joys and pitfalls of love at any age, the desire to age well, and the joys inherent in every day. Utilizing poetry, photography, and whatever creative entity that would bring a smile to a hurting heart. Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, humanitarian, exhorter, educator, activist, student, Christ-follower, adventure seeker, pharmacist. Hoping to give all and use all I am for the good of others. Come along. The journey may be difficult, but, it will always be an interesting adventure!

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    Might i add the love of God, it’s sweeter than anything on earth and its free.


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