I shall give you real love.

The kind that lasts past the ecstasy, and all the gifts

Outlives the yellow daisies that are my favorites, that surpasses the mundane to soar into the extraordinary, on the wings of sincerity and kindness.

I shall give you real love.

The kind that like the newest sharpie blackens out the seemingly obvious(to me) stuff you do/say/think that drives me crazy, which by the way could be inherently genetic, the insanity, that is.

I shall give you real love.

The kind that calls into existence the virtual zipper to close off the angry taunts and slurs against who you are (and your folks) even though it’s not really about you, but about the cracks in my emotional fascade.

I shall give you real love.

The kind that side steps the quick sand of continued silence, where like infinite black holes, one is easily sucked in, quickly burying the possibility of re- connection, the suffocation of unity, the likelihood of relativity

I shall give you real love.

The kind that is courageous, brave enough to lay down my weapons of anger and disappointment first in order to approach you with an olive branch(instead of the stones of “your fault”, which like hail, rain down on all in the vicinity)

I shall give you real love.

That kind that does not wait for apologies, but, offers forgiveness without restraints or conditions or pursuant to the first party of the first part requirements, which equates to obtundification, obtusification, which is to say the absence of sensitivity and clarity.

I shall give you real love.

That kind that is authentic, because in defining real, it is genuine and selfless and true and dependable and not measured in how real you are, but, in how real I am.

And the result will be an algebraically, exponentially infinite sum of love that involves the “a” and the “b” of the equation of you and me.

By the way, I want real love too.

copyright @dbw 3.2018

real love heart

Happy boomer gal ( read smart, feisty, quirky, adventuresome, funny, sassy woman of a certain generation) willing to share my journey and advice with anyone who would not repeat my mistakes. Happy to fully disclose the joys and pitfalls of love at any age, the desire to age well, and the joys inherent in every day. Utilizing poetry, photography, and whatever creative entity that would bring a smile to a hurting heart. Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, humanitarian, exhorter, educator, activist, student, Christ-follower, adventure seeker, pharmacist. Hoping to give all and use all I am for the good of others. Come along. The journey may be difficult, but, it will always be an interesting adventure!

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